Morning Star Montessori

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Morning Star Montessori
A Christian Montessori School

We are a Christian Montessori school that has been teaching preschool aged children from Andover, Anoka, Blaine, Coon Rapids, Ham Lake, Ramsey, and the Twin Cities area for over 30 years.

Maria Montessori believed that experience is the best teacher. She referred to this experience as "work". Montessori children see work as a purposeful, challenging, and rewarding activity. The teacher guides the children by allowing them to work at their own pace, for as long as they need. The children are free to move about and apply themselves to the many kinds of formative work. The following areas of exploration are included in our program:

Practical Life - These activities are the tasks the children see performed daily in their homes. They include carrying bulky, or fragile objects, pouring liquids, preparing foods, fastening clothes, washing hands, clothes and dishes, and generally taking care of the classroom.

Sensorial Activities - These activities help the children to classify and clarify all the sensorial impressions they have absorbed since birth. Each activity isolates one quality such as shape, color, dimension, smell, texture, and sound. The children refine their senses, laying the physical and mental foundation for further learning.

Language Activities - The Montessori School is rich in language and places great emphasis is placed on speaking clearly to the children and listening when they speak. The children become familiar with these sounds, and begin to make their own words with a moveable alphabet, and begin to write words and stories. This discovery creates enthusiasm for reading and they become ardent readers.

Arithmetic Activities - The concepts of arithmetic are learned by manipulating concrete materials designed to represent all types of quantities. The basic operations of arithmetic can be demonstrated by combining the material, separating it, sharing it, counting it, and comparing it.

Social Activities - The Montessori Classroom gives each child a wonderful environment to develop social skills. The child can work alone or with others, and this balance of freedom for the individual, and the concerns for the group is very important. The older children learn to be responsive to the younger, and the younger ones seek help from more experienced peers. They all learn to respect the different abilities and interests of others.

Catechesis Activities - The young child is particularly capable of receiving and enjoying God's love, in the person of the Good sheperd, who died and is risen. Materials of the life of Christ and his teaching help make the mystery of God concrete for the child. The geography materials establish Jesus as a real person in time and space, and Israel as the land through which God realized salvation for all.